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Go Forth and Spotify

What would we do without Spotify? Pumpkin are complete addicts. First thing in the morning, before we even contemplate coffee, the music goes on. It creates a fun working environment, lifts our spirits and often inspires hilarious karaoke episodes. And the fact it is free is the cherry on the cake.

However, we’re all quite different creatures so our tastes range across the full spectrum of genres, with the exception of perhaps thrash metal or pan pipes. I, for example, have quite esoteric tastes. Listing my likes would take far too long, but safe to say I’ll listen to anything once but cannot abide over-produced commercial pop. Be it aggressive hip hop, crusty folk, the booming bass of dub or Eastern European neo punk, I embrace it all.

The Pumpkin soundtrack

In contrast, Lizi is a fervent Lady Gaga fan and she has a penchant for John Mayer. Jess favours the haunting strains of She & Him or the satiny voice of Corinne Bailey-Rae, Hetty is all about her 80’s retro classics (Prince, Michael Jackson and pretty much anything featured in Glee) while Sarah is simply doolally for Dolly Parton. Needless to say there’s a cross pollination of tastes: we all get involved when Paper Planes comes on and there’s universal affection for Parton’s 9 to 5 (2ManyDJs remix, of course).

Suffice to say we are the prime Spotify audience, and as commentators on British advertising it seems to us that not only are many brands ignoring an excellent (and I would imagine comparatively cheap) ad platform, but the ads we hear daily seem to have been created with little imagination. This is remarkably surprising given that the medium has a captive audience who has opted to be exposed to advertising. Enough of “I want a holiday, I NEED a holiday…’, and we’re sick to the gills of the apologetic tone of even Spotify’s own ads: ‘Hi, my name’s Adam from Spotify…’

So the question remains: who will be the first brand to successfully harness Spotify as a platform? OR is the poor standard of ads a ploy to irritate the hell out of the audience so they pay the subscription fee? Whatever the answer, you can listen to a selection of some of our favourite tunes RIGHT HERE. Go forth and Spotify!