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Pumpkin’s new home

A new home, a new view and our very own plaque; Pumpkin’s moved from Heddon Street to Vigo Street. Just a stone’s throw from our old offices, our new 4th floor abode gives us a rather nice view of Sackville Street.

View from the Pumpkin offices

And as we were taking a quick photo, we noticed another new arrival taking up residence on the same day – a set of new, Barclays-sponsored, bikes for hire. Already a common sight on the streets of Paris and Barcelona, there’s been a real buzz about their introduction over here. I’ve seen similar schemes on a smaller scale in London in the past, but nothing quite so well promoted or strongly branded.

We’ll have to wait and see if they’ll prove a permanent fixture. We can report that three bikes were already in use at lunchtime on their first day – encouraging considering the scheme isn’t yet available to everyone. So who knows, maybe we’ll even persuade Sarah to take to the saddle for a client meeting one of these days?