Russell Wiley is out to Launch!


We’ve been doing an interesting project over the last month or so promoting the launch of Russell Wiley is out to Lunch by Richard Hine, a book satirising life at a media industry trade publication. It has been a fascinating project to work on, and interesting to see what types of communications people are most receptive to. We’re rather pleased with the success we’ve had – here are some of the comments we’ve had back from UK media industry bods:

“If you loved “E” by Matt Beaumont then you will also love Russell Wiley is out to Lunch – it is an easy and amusing read, especially for all the people working in media land. Highly recommended.” – Hamish Pringle, Director General of the IPA.

“If you enjoyed “Then We Came To The End” by Joshua Ferris- then have a look at “Richard Wiley is out to lunch”.   It has an equally irreverent take on marketing in the digital age though with more male angst, and some obscure Pulp lyrics thrown in for good measure.” – Enda McCarthy, chief executive officer at Publicis Modem.

“I loved it! Absolutely brilliant. ‘Russell Wiley Is Out to Lunch’ is a hilarious trip through the corridors and corner offices of the New York media industry.” – Phu Truong, Director, Digital Sales and Commercial Development,

“Richard Hine’s ‘Russell Wiley Is Out to Lunch’ is a ‘Then We Came to the End’ for the newspaper business–a comic novel with more urgency and heart than ‘The Imperfectionists’.” – Suzanne Munshower, Journalist and Author.

“A delicious satire. Richard Hine’s witty grasp of the machinations of old media in its death throes is both deft and very timely.” – Alistair Fraser, Freelance journalist & commercial writer.

“This book is easily read – probably because it’s based in our world. I defy anyone in our world to say that they don’t recognise a huge chunk of themselves in the characters and definitely one or more organisations they’ve worked in.

The ‘home/personal story’ aside, it’s the media/work element that kept me gripped. There are so many characters I can liken to former colleagues (and some of them friends) over the years. I loved Russell’s attitude – there’s probably an element of learning there.

Revenue, consultants, ‘freezes’ and ‘monetise our value proposition’ have been so relevant recently. Thankfully the worst appears to be over although I would love to say we have reached the same conclusion as the book! – Geri Richards, chief executive officer at Publicis Blueprint

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