London Fashion Week!

As some of the biggest names in fashion descend on the capital, the city gears up for the glitz and glamour that is London Fashion Week.

As budding fashionistas, Pumpkin has hit the fashion scene hard and fast as we expand our PR offering into the fashion world and our attitude to London Fashion Week is no exception as we prepare to take the event by storm.

The amount of column inches dedicated to London Fashion Week is phenomenal. Many of fashions biggest critics along with our favourite fashion bloggers such as Amelias Magazine and Donna Wallis Accessories Editor at Elle, line the catwalks with beady eyes as they judge the latest collections. A similar close watch is paid to the guest themselves and there is no room for even one fashion faux pas, a detail that has not been overlooked by the Pumpkin ladies. As the paparazzi line up outside Vigo Street awaiting the departure of the Pumpkinettes as they sally forth to the event at Somerset House, the main focus will be on their outfits. When preparing for such an event, the overriding question and the one that has been giving us sleepless nights for weeks is inevitably – what does a girl wear to London Fashion Week?

Of course models have no such concerns. They are there to showcase some of the most beautifully tailored and designed clothes known to man, or indeed woman. Sometimes they are dressed in outfits that would seem alien in the normal world, even on the streets of London with its reputation for kookiness and fashion innovation.

But somehow in the glare of the spotlight and the excitement of the moment, such ensembles seem almost natural and certainly artistic, creative and fun. For models, their worries centre around looking their best in the midst of the frenetic round of shows and avoiding the column inches dedicated to embarrassing falls and catwalk disasters. However, even then, the adage no publicity is bad publicity seems to hold true as Naomi Campbell’s famous fall on the runway at the Vivienne Westwood 1993 Paris show certainly did not damage her prospects!

We live in a world where countless column inches, TV and other media coverage is devoted to fashion. Partly this reflects the fact that shopping and looking good has become a national passion. It emphasises the importance of the fashion industry to a number of key centres such as London, Paris, Milan and New York. Museums recognise the importance of fashion as documenting social trends – Kylie’s gold hotpants famously starring in an exhibition at the V&A. The sheer range and exuberance of London Fashion Week is a metaphor for London itself, dynamic and multi-faceted, combining originality with the reinvention of heritage. We love it!