I bid you farewell, (for now)

This past year has been absolutely incredible and I can’t believe how quickly it’s passed – time flies when you’re working ceaselessly and having a lot of fun doing it.

Initially, the idea of undertaking a placement year was very daunting. I had only a little knowledge about the advertising world but it was my one chance to put everything I had learnt into action and I wasn’t going to throw it away and WOW! what a year: it was unlike any other. Not only has it given me a great insight into the sector but it has allowed me to develop both personally and professionally. I have gained a deeper understanding and improved my skills not only in PR but also copywriting, advertising and communications as a whole. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have worked across a variety of prestigious agencies ranging from above-the-line; below-the-line; digital; direct; integrated; interactive; production; research to media.

To manage the reputation and positive representation of a company or individual is challenging and always different. This is one of the main reasons why I loved working at Pumpkin, with its relentless energy, power and charm. A career involving unexpected changes, inevitable twists and constant turns appeals to me far more than a “nine to five” routine ever could. I remember in my first week I said that “there is never a dull day at Pumpkin” and I stand by this!

There have been some unexpected and fantastic rewards for working so hard over the last year. Not many 21 year old students can say that they’ve mixed with some of the finest advertising and business leaders as well as journalists, or stayed in a tipi at Glastonbury, attended the Cannes Film Festival and even dined at Scotts. I’ve been so spoilt here and I have been extremely blessed to find such a generous, supportive, patient, encouraging, loyal and big-hearted team! I look back on the past year and I wouldn’t change ANYTHING! Of course, there has been a number of challenges and many lessons learnt, some more intricate than others, but despite this, I have enjoyed every day, hour, minute and second. Most of all it’s given me the incentive to succeed.

I wouldn’t be where I am today or have the knowledge I do if it wasn’t for Sarah, Jess and Hannah – three inspiring women who I admire, respect and love. The word thank you is not enough to express my gratitude.

For now, I will bid you farewell! It’s been wonderful and I’ll see you all again in 2011 when I become a permanent seed in Pumpkin.

Goodbye and Godspeed!