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Guest blogger: Making ads while the sun shines

As the weather tries to make up its mind about what season it is and whether all our rainfall should come as a bargain pack I got to wondering about the effects -if any- of climate on the consumers’ response to advertising both in terms of the nature of the advert and the medium used.

I know the effect that colour has on consumers and that weather and light influence an individual’s mood, although I was slightly surprised to learn that hot weather, as well as cold dark weather, has been blamed for increases in suicide, but I remain unclear about whether the weather makes consumers more or less responsive to a given advert. I assume that the medium chosen for an advert should be one used by the target audience but is the appropriate medium in any way dependent on local climate?

I can see that freezing temperatures are probably not conducive to the sale of cooling drinks or ice cream and that there won’t be a great demand for snow boots in tropical regions but this is surely to do with the product not the advert or how it reaches its audience.

Global brands by their nature advertise in all sorts of climatic conditions. As an outsider I assume they tailor the adverts to their audience; but does the local climate play any direct part in the brands’ deliberations apart from indicating that certain products are unlikely to succeed whatever medium or the advert?

I am sure that there are learned articles on these matters but I haven’t come across them. If there aren’t given that drastic climate change is upon us perhaps the Industry should be sponsoring Ph. D students to investigate its likely impact, or lack of it, on the world of Advertising. That would be very much in line with the spirit of the time!

Thanks to our Guest Blogger AKM!